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Natural Birth

Our services combine professional midwifery with modern gynecology and obstetrics. That means that in your healthcare you obtains both, the benefits of modern medicine and high technology if needed, as well as the prevention and integrated care based on natural and ancestral medicine. This way you can have the pregnancy and birth you consider right for you.

Our model of care lets nature do its work while additionally it provides professional and humanized care and makes sure that your birth will be a positive and safe experience for you and your baby.

Women who have had a previous c-section can opt for a natural birth and women with a high risk pregnancy, who need a c-section, have the option of a humanized c-section

From the medicalization of birth to a natural birth

The medicalization of birth is a delivery by routine medical procedures. These procedures are applied to a healthy pregnant woman with no elevated risk for her or her baby to be born.

Therefore, birth lately has become a medical event justified by conventional hospital safety rules and is no longer a family event.

However, recent studies have shown that the reduction of maternal and infant death is due to antibiotics and blood transfusions and not to the medicalization of birth.

The medicalization of birth is defined as obstetric violence and as a factor causing the rise in unnecessary c-sections, which implies a rise in risk for life and health of mother and baby.

Today, many women choose natural birth in order to avoid complications for themselves and their babies and men are participating in the process. This gives both of them the opportunity to open up to a more natural approach to parenthood, not only by sharing pregnancy and birth but also by paving the road to a better family life.


Professional midwifery in conjunction with modern obstetrics and gynecology is what defines our model of care, so all women without discrimination have access to respectful, personalized, professional and affectionate care.

Our staff Works on a daily basis for women to freely exercise their sexual and reproductive rights. We are willing to apply all our knowledge, capacity and human quality so women won’t suffer obstetric violence and for their pregnancy and births to be treated as natural events rather than medical emergencies.

We are committed to work with future mothers and fathers to bestow on them the same confidence in the process.


Our objective is that every woman feel empowered and responsible for her sexual and reproductive health.

This allows women to live their pregnancy, birth and motherhood naturally and safely, with the involvement of their spouses.

We wish that there be more men and women every day who love and care for their families in a conscious and responsable manner.


In the year 2000, Hannah Freiwald started Centro de Parto Natural in order to prevent women to undergo unnecessary c-sections like the one she suffered in 1988.

Since then, she has facilitated natural birth for over 1700 women who were able to make their own decision over their bodies and their experience. During that time, no tools like anesthesia or forceps were used, she provided professional midwifery care and medical backup trained in humanized c-section was available for emergency situations. The need for c-sections was very small, but having to transfer to a conventional hospital caused the loss of personalized care due to hospital regulations.

Therefore, starting in 2015, Hannah Freiwald and Linda Valencia joined their experience, capacities and commitment in order to make birth a different experience. At Centro de Parto Natural Ixchel, they created a unique model of care that merges professional midwifery with modern obstetrics and gynecology in a facility that provides friendly, cozy and safe surroundings. It is furnished with modern hospital equipment, advanced technology, has an operating room and rooms for patients with a humanized c-section without interrupting the warm and friendly atmosphere of the area for natural birth.

The midwifery and medical staff are both professional and prepared to offer natural birth as a first option while the humanized c-section only for high risk pregnancies in order to assure the health of mother and baby.