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Treatment and diagnostics

Gynecological and Obstetric Ultrasound

Ultrasound or sonography is a diagnostic method based on waves and high frequency sound that produces images of the interior of an organism. It does not use radiation like an Xray.

Obstetric ultrasound provides images of an embryo or fetus inside the mother’s uterus and of the woman’s ovaries.

It is a clinical exam useful for:

  • Establishing the presence of a live embryo or fetus.

  • Estimation of gestational age.

  • Diagnosing fetal anomalies.

  • Evaluating the position of the fetus.

  • Evaluating the position of the placenta.

  • Determining if there is a multiple pregnancy.

  • Determining amount of amniotic fluid around the baby.

  • Controlling effacement and dilation of the cervix.

  • Evaluating fetal growth.

  • Evaluating fetal wellbeing.


Colposcopy is a medical procedure that consists in the microscopic observation of the epithelium of the cervix, of the vaginal walls as well as of the introitus of the vagina that identifies precancerous cells with great precision.

The colposcope (instrument used for this procedure) is a kind of binocular telescope that allows the practicioner to visualize abnormal regions of the cervix in detail through the vagina, so a biopsy can be taken and sent to the pathologist. The biopsy confirms the diagnosis before treatment.

A colposcopy does provoke no pain or bleeding, takes only a few minutes and is safe. No hospitalization is needed and once it is done the patient can go home.


This is a therapeutic procedure often used in gynecology.

Cryotherapy of lesions on the cervix consists of the destruction of the affected tissue by the direct application of intense cold by means of liquid nitrogen. (-196 degrees Celsius).

It is done without anesthesia, does not cause any pain and does not require any preparation of the patient.

Cryotherapy can be carried out in an in office procedure. In cervical lesions caused by HPV, it is used to treat moderate and severe dysplasia (NIC 2 and NIC3).

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