Imagine a peaceful and safe birth for your family.

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Opening Hours : Monday to Saturday - 9am a 5pm

Prenatal education

In order to assure that couples are prepared for a natural birth, we provide prenatal education.

We also accept couples who plan to have their baby somewhere else. However, some of these couples have told us that the routine in a conventional hospital did not allow them to use what they had learned and that their birth plan was not respected. “It is always difficult to have a good experience if you have to fight all the time in order to get what you want.”

Centro de Parto Natural Ixchel invites fathers to participate in pregnancy and birth, since if they do not, they will start this new phase in their lives unprepared. It must be remembered, that a this is when a family begins and the more involved the partner, the closer the family can be in the future.

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