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Humanized c-section

A c-section is a surgical procedure that was invented in order to save a woman’s or a baby’s life when they are at risk, however, currently it is being overused and forms part of the unnecessary overmedicalization that women suffer during birth. Guatemala is a country with high c-section rates, in some private hospitals as many as 94% of births are c-sections.

A humanized c-section as offered in CDPI at the moment of birth provides a special time, respectful and warm so mother and baby can bond.

The woman in the operating room can be accompanied by her spouse or a family member and will receive information about every procedure taking place.

Before a humanized c-section, the woman together with our medical team prepares for the big moment. She can bring music that she likes or that relaxes her, she can be awake during the whole procedure and can hold the baby right after it is born to hug and kiss it and can even nurse her baby in the operating room while the incision is being repaired.

The humanized c-section is conducted by a committed, respectful medical team that is aware of the need for silence or relaxation the woman may have during this special moment.

Our medical team has full knowledge that the first contact of the baby with its mother is basic, wonderful and intímate and that the protagonists of that instant are mother and baby and not the doctors.

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