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First blogging attempts in 2008, my history and the beginning of Centro de Parto and Manos Abiertas

How it all started…the short version


Well, it looks as if I will be blogging, just like the rest of the world. Quite ironic, since I chose my profession believing that I would be as removed as possible from technology, as a homebirth midwife at first, then as a midwife at my own birth center in Guatemala.
but for this project about to start, I believe it is important to get out there, to the people who are supporting it and need to know what’s going on, for the people who are interested in doing an internship with us and need to know what it’s like, and also for me, so I can monitor what we are doing, our problems and the solutions we decide to try, the feedback we will hopefully get from the community.
Now, what is this project? No. Not yet. First a little about what I’ve been doing the last 15 years, since this is vital for what is happening now. After returning from MATERNIDAD LA LUZ ( in 1995), the most incredible place to study midwifery, I started to attend homebirths in Antigua Guatemala, where I live. Soon after, with a partner, we started IXMUCANE, a birthcenter. After two years I decided to split and take over a waterbirth center in Guatemala city. The owner was going back to the States and I had a hard time with my partner in IXMUCANE, so I took over.
So since 2,000 I have been attending births in the CENTRO DE PARTO NATURAL, in Guatemala City. We do on average 4 births a month, the clientele is half Guatemalan , half foreigners. Besides births we do comprehensive prenatal, postpartum and Gyn care, mostly using alternative therapies and herbs. I have been taking interns from all over the world and since last May I have a steady assistant, Gabi. Now I finally get to sleep once in awhile!
To my great surprise, last August I got an offer from PPFA to start a project for low income women in a place I could pick and to my specifications.
This is the project about to start: a complete women’s health center for low income women in Ciudad Vieja, Sacatepequez.

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