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Now that I finally found my password there is no more excuse not to write!

Both Centro de Parto natural and Manos Abiertas have been very busy with lots of – unfortunately very green – interns. They are sweet and full of good intentions but just not very helpful yet! And the Midwifery school still needs this years funding which has me running from one event to the next, so that so far CDP has not had many births this year has been a welcome change. But now the year is really starting! Two days ago we had a beautiful sunny side up (persistent posterior) baby, Maya, sister to Emma who just turned two years! Look at Mom Laura on the blog picture.I had no clue Maya was coming out this way around, since she had so much swelling that there were no suture lines to be felt n her little head. But once I could see the head I was sure… there is no such thing as a bald guatemalan baby, so it had to be her forehead presenting!

This week prenatal class will be starting, so if anybody else wants to join, please call! Katie will be visiting tomorrow to tell their birth story which may lower some people’s adrenaline level.

We also have twins coming up, hopefully at home, … if they can agree about which position they will want to stay in.